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Three Things That Can Damage Your Eyesight

All around us there is a growing health movement. The topics at the forefront of our consciousnesses have ranged from genetically modified ingredients to the dangers of excessive sitting. Yet one topic that doesn’t come up enough for us, is the subject of protecting...

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What are Blue Light & UV Light?

Ultraviolet (UV) light might instinctively make you think of tanning beds or detective work, but what about UV’s close counterpart on the light spectrum, blue light? Does UV light really do much besides help you get a bronzed glow on vacation? It does! Ultraviolet...

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The Hidden Effects of Screen Time on Your Eyes

As adults in the early 21st century, we’ve become obsessed with the concept of “screen time” for our children. We want to limit the amount of time they are playing on our iPads, playing video games or watching television, because we want them to have the same sorts of...

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What does it mean to give a great gift?

Numerous articles have been written in the New York Times about the art of gift giving. Gift giving is difficult, because not everyone has the same taste or wants. What if you give a present that doesn’t fit? What if they already have one?  We may consider a poorly...

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Understanding Your Eye Exam

You use your eyes every waking moment of every day.  But you may not think much about them, until something is off. It can be alarming, even scary, to experience sudden discomfort or changes to your vision. When that happens, you’ll likely be dialing for your eye...

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How To Read Your Glasses Prescription

One of the greatest advantages of a new pair of designer glasses is how much better it can make reading! So it’s a little funny that reading an eyeglasses prescription can prove to be so difficult. No, that’s not a “doctors have bad handwriting” joke it’s simply that...

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