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The Digital Difference

At 10/10 Optics we use the most advanced digital technology to custom design lenses for your glasses. Each lens is computer engineered and personalized to your unique prescription.
Digitally fabricated lenses offer superior clarity and a wider field of vision. Activities such as reading a menu in a dimly lit restaurant, or seeing a road sign at night in the distance won’t strain your eyes.
You’ll especially notice the difference if your prescription is for Progressive Lenses, lenses that allow you to see clearly at different ranges. Digitally fabricated Progressive lenses are perfect and consistent, thanks to “point-to-point” backside surfacing technology that allows the back of your lens to contain 100% of your prescription.
We offer a comprehensive selection of lenses to fit your needs and preferences:
  • Progressive lenses for near, far, and intermediate vision
  • Single Vision for distance or reading
  • Wrap around technology to eliminate distortion in sports activities
  • Computer lenses for comfort working at intermediate and close reading zones
  • Transition® Lenses that change from light to dark when you’re exposed to the sun
  • Polarized lenses for sun and sports
  • Super-thin lenses
  • Polycarbonate & designs for active lifestyles
All of our lenses are finished with an anti-reflective coating for superior vision acuity.