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Eyewear by Appointment

We combine four decades of experience working with clientele including major media figures, stylists and CEOs as well as fashion-forward New Yorkers, with frames curated from around the world, technology to ensure the perfect fit and prescription, and an unrivaled customer experience for your comfort and satisfaction.

When one of our professional staff of skilled opticians meet with you, they quickly assess your skin, eye and hair coloring, facial structure and general sense of style, as well as discuss your prescription, lifestyle and visual needs.

Whether you are coming to 10/10 Optics to add a new pair of frames to your collection, a small eyewear update, or a total eyewear makeover, we’re happy to help!

Book your appointment with our professional staff of skilled opticians now. Making eyewear an important part of your wardrobe is what we do best!

We offer a wide range of prices from our custom and luxury collections to our designer and mid-priced collections and ever-present sale selections.

No prescription? No problem.

We will schedule an exam with our optometrist, who leverages years of experiences and our state-of-the-art technology to ensure your perfect prescription.

You may also call us at 212-510-8183 to book your eyewear appointment.

Eyewear can truly be transformative! You’ll be delighted how the right eyewear will open up your face, define your eyes, complement your skin tone & bring a smile.