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Myopia Management
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At 10/10 Optics, we’re known for going above and beyond to bring our patients clarity — and more specifically for our myopia management! These personalized treatments slow the progression of nearsightedness for years of healthier, clearer vision.

Myopia Management at 10/10 Optics

Concerned about your child’s nearsightedness getting worse? We specialize in myopia control, and work closely with your family to ensure your child sees the world as clearly as they can throughout their adult life. Our team orchestrates a convenient and effective treatment program for our patients, using state-of-the-art and highly customizable solutions to make our myopia management as unique as our patients’ eyes.

While many adults benefit from myopia control, it can be most effective when started early in life, before myopia has progressed or the eye has started to stabilize. Myopia management with 10/10 Optics can help your child experience sharper vision and a higher quality of life for years to come!

Myopia Management at 10/10 Optics
Myopia Management by Dr. Chen - 10/10 Optics

What is Myopia Management?

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common vision error in patients of all ages that causes distant objects to appear blurry and out of focus. Myopia occurs when the eye grows longer than normal. While glasses can correct nearsightedness, the eye’s incorrect shape can worsen over time if not properly cared for — and even moderate amounts of myopia can increase the risk for various eye issues later in life.

Myopia control is valuable because it not only corrects nearsightedness now; it can also keep your child from developing high levels of nearsightedness for a clearer, brighter, and healthier future.

Myopia Control Treatment Options


Our most popular option, orthokeratology  (ortho-k) uses special contact lenses worn overnight to painlessly reshape the cornea to improve vision. These lenses are removed in the morning and help you see clearly all next day. Ortho-k replaces the need for daytime glasses or regular contact lenses without surgery and slows down the progression of myopia.

Center Distance Multifocal
Contact Lenses

Normally prescribed for patients over 40 with age-related vision problems, multifocal contact lenses can also help slow eye growth and limit myopia progression in children. They’re safe, bring clear vision at any range and reduce eye strain that causes further myopia progression!

Atropine Eye Drops

Low-dose atropine eye drops relax the eye’s focusing muscles and slow down the progression of myopia.  Our team may recommend atropine eye drops with a specified concentration for your child based on their determined risk profile to help significantly slow down the progression of myopia, often in conjunction with standard eyewear.

The Childhood Myopia Epidemic

Myopia: Continuing Treatment

Why Choose Myopia Management at 10/10 Optics?

At 10/10 Optics, we take the time to understand your eye health and lifestyle before recommending and developing a myopia control treatment plan. Our unmatched experience and advanced diagnostic technology allow us to determine your precise prescription and test the particulars of your refractive error.

With a range of myopia management options and personalized approaches, we pride ourselves on providing patients with relaxed, gentle, state-of-the-art care, now and whenever you need us!

Love Letters

“The staff at 10/10 optics went above and beyond to provide top-notch service. Dr. Rozenberg was first class and provided a variety of options across the price spectrum for contact lenses. Additionally, the staff provided several fantastic options for eye wear that are at the height of fashion. Ruth (owner) was hands on in providing advice and eye wear options. Best place to get your eye exam and find the best glasses in the best city.”


“My husband and I have been eyewear customers of 10/10 Optics for the past 25 years. It’s the most amazing optical store in the NY metro area – well worth what is now a 2 hour trip from the NJ burbs for us. Ruth and her staff are simply magical in selecting the perfect frames to update our look, match our mood, or explore completely new territories. I wouldn’t trust my face to anyone else! Located in a great part of town, the boutique is comfortable and cozy – and the positive energy within those walls is contagious.”


“I have been a very happy customer of 10/10 Optics since they opened. They carry an eye-catching selection of frames and a staff that is exceptionally knowledgeable and personable. I always find exactly the right eye-wear!”


Myopia Management in NYC

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