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Color Correction Lens

It’s easy to take the ability to see life in clear, vivid color for granted — after all, those of us with full color vision are unable to imagine the alternatives, but for color-deficient people, the difference can be staggering.

It’s not only about the big things. Disqualification from a large number of jobs, for example, can have a massive impact on a person’s self-worth, but it’s also about the sheer number of day-to-day tasks that are affected by color deficiency. Something as simple as not being to differentiate between two pieces of fruit, the inability to match an outfit or read a map — even never being able to truly enjoy a sunset can be extremely deflating when it happens every day for a lifetime.

Colorlite is the only FDA approved company in the U.S. to create lenses for colorblindness, and they’re only available in one location in New York City: right here at 10/10 Optics.
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1 in 12 men and 1 in 200 women are colorblind, meaning that it’s very likely that someone you know can’t enjoy the simple pleasures of seeing life in full color.

The ability to see and clearly distinguish color has an effect on a person’s career. Many professions depend on color vision and can even exclude those with vision deficiencies. These include law enforcement, culinary work, military personnel, and more. Colorlite lenses don’t just enhance lives, they open up new opportunities for the people who wear them.

Color Blindness Treatment in New York

“I ran into my friend today and he was wearing the glasses he got from you guys and he gave me the biggest hug. Needless to say, he was extremely appreciative, Thanks!”


“These are amazing! I am at Disney this week and the world is a different place. I saw the sunset for the first time in my life yesterday!”


Red-Green Color Deficiency Test


This is the Gold Standard test for red-green color deficiencies and provides critical information when used as a diagnostic tool. Its 24 plates are designed to evaluate color deficiency by asking patients to read numbers, shapes and letters that appear in different colors in a series of different color patterns.

Specific Color Deficiency Test


This test helps our doctor diagnose your specific color deficiency and determines the lens filters needed for correction. It asks color deficient patients to determine the direction of mixed letters and numbers in different colors that gradually become harder to define.