Asian Fit Eyewear

What Does Asian Fit Mean?

Hint: You don’t have to be Asian to enjoy an Asian Fit.

Asian Fit eyewear is an industry term used to describe the shallower nose bridge and higher cheekbones that are common in Asian cultures.  But glasses of this style are also known as alternative fit or global fit, because so many people find them more comfortable, regardless of their ethnic background.

Previously, there were little-to-no choices aside from the traditional bridge (nose piece) fit designs that would often slide down the nose or rest on the cheekbones. But Asian Fit designed eyeglass frames help solve that problem.

Our Asian Fit collections are designed to sit higher on the bridge of the nose, lifting glasses away from the cheekbones making them more comfortable to wear.  Asian Fit eyeglasses are also ideal for wide noses, small noses and flat noses.

If you’re looking for the best eyewear for an Asian face shape, visit us at 10/10 Optics. Not only do we have an expansive collection of beautiful frames, our eyewear stylists will learn about you to help find the right frames to fit your face, lifestyle and personality. TC Charton, Alexandra Peng, ProDesign, Bevel and Say-Oh are among the most popular designers with alternative fitting bridges, and we have all five!

Finding Asian Fit eyeglass frames is only the beginning, with 10/10 Optics you’ll find a brand-new look that is comfortable, great looking and absolutely comfortable.

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Custom Adjustable Nose Pads in NYC

We’ll add custom adjustable nose pads to almost any plastic frame to create the same effect.

To find out more about custom adjustable nose pads, bring in your glasses to set up an appointment with our lab:

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