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Angelic Designs: Glasses Chains for Every Occasion

Discover Angelic Designs, the custom line of eyeglasses chains created by our very own optician, Liz! These chains offer a convenient way to ensure you never forget your frames, without skimping on style. For the finest, handcrafted eyeglasses chains near you, Angelic Designs has you covered!

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Meet Liz, Angelic Designs’ Founder

Liz has been with us for years, working as an optician for over three decades! Her passion for beautiful eyewear has a long history, but she started Angelic Designs after she misplaced her favorite pair of glasses. To prevent it from happening again, she made a beaded eyeglass chain that effortlessly attached to her frames, so that she would never lose them. The chains exploded in popularity, with friends, family, and patients wanting to get their own to keep their eyewear with them always. And thus, Liz began Angelic Designs to create beautiful, durable eyeglass chains that are uniquely yours.

Made with Love, For You

Each Angelic Designs piece is custom-crafted to best suit you and your frames. Make a style statement with our quality designs, with prices starting at $55. We use world-class materials including metal pieces and semi-precious stones and beads. You can customize your chain with beads like Peruvian blue sky opal, aquamarine from Mozambique, Brazilian emeralds, Namibian blue lace agate, Russian charoite and chourite, amethysts, labradorite, tourmaline, lemon and white quartz, ametrine, and more!

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Earth Stone Strand glasses chains

Glasses Chains for
Every Frame

Something as visible as your eyeglass chain should be well-made and suit your looks. With Liz’s help, you’ll have a customized chain that perfectly fits your needs! At 10/10 Optics, we’re proud to offer world-class care and exciting options for our patients to express themselves in style like with Angelic Designs’ eyeglass chains.

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Reach out to us through the form below to explore Angelic Designs’ exquisite options. Custom orders are available upon request.