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Digital Optometry in New York

Our eye doctor will begin your eye exam by asking a few questions about your visual history, your lifestyle, and your work or school environment. We are committed to finding the absolute best prescription for you.

It’s what you say that matters most.

If you have had an eye exam in the past 3 months, please book a follow-up appointment.

Digital Optometry in New York City

Your exam will then begin with the Auto Refractor ARK 25K, which objectively measures your prescription.
Next is the digital refractor, a Nidek 5100, which can refract to single degrees, like precision-cut diamonds do.
We’ll then formulate a calibrated, nuanced prescription in detailed fractional measurements. Your base prescription may provide clear eyesight, but it will then be interpreted to find the prescription that yields the greatest comfort, efficiency, and ability to process visual information.

Ideal vision requires both precision and professional guidance. You’ll be shown one prescription against two others, a visual compare-and-contrast exercise that helps to explain and demonstrate just the right one for you. With our eye doctor’s experienced guidance, you will then receive a prescription best suited for your vision and comfort.

Your visit will be comfortable, personal, and interesting. For the best eye exam in NYC, book your appointment now. We can’t wait to see you!

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Eye Exams

The Oculus Pentacam, Our Brand New State of the Art Imaging Technology

It’s imperative to accurately map the shape of your eye when designing a custom Ortho-k lens. To do so, we use the Oculus Pentacam®, which uses a specialized camera to construct a 3D model of the front of your eye that’s independent of your tear film. This is important because other devices can have inconsistencies depending on how dry your eyes are when capturing an image.

The Oculus Pentacam®, is widely considered to be the standard bearer of anterior eye tomography equipment. This contact-free, state-of-the-art technology allows our eye care experts to get an in-depth look at different parts of your eye, like your cornea, iris, and lens, within mere seconds. It also provides your results in a clear and digestible format that helps us explain to you everything that’s happening with your eyes. And if we do identify any issues, like corneal abnormalities, we’ll use that information to tailor a treatment plan for your unique needs.


Can I get information on laser or eyesight improvement?

Though your optometrist cannot perform vision correction surgery themselves, they’ll carefully explain all of the benefits and risks, both short term and long term, of any surgical eye procedures you have questions about. Our eye doctor can also help you choose the right surgeon for your needs.

I have problems when I work on the computer, what can be done?

Specialized computer glasses make working on a computer dramatically more comfortable than normal glasses or contact lenses. 10/10 Optics has a special instrument to measure the “lag of focus” at computer distance while patients look at a chart modeled like a screen.

How often should I get my eyes examined?

Most optometrists agree an annual eye exam is best, especially for children, if you are a contact lens wearer or if you have certain medical conditions like diabetes. Regular eye exams are also ideal to detect any health problems early, before they become advanced. We’ve made it easy for you… book your exam now. For more info, see what the Vision Council suggests.

Does an eye exam hurt?

Eye exams are completely non-invasive and painless. At 10/10 Optics, we pride ourselves on a patient and gentle eye exam.