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Patient First Care — Without the Red Tape

We don’t rush. Our exams are more relaxed and patient-focused than most other eyecare practices. We get to take our time with you during your visit, to talk through what you need from your vision and answer any questions you may have for us. Our sole focus is providing you with an exceptional experience, and no corporate oversight or limited insurance plan will stop us from doing just that.

Unique and Beautiful Eyewear Selection You Won’t Find Anywhere Else

As a specialty eyecare and eyewear boutique, we have a curated selection of eyewear selected from all over the world for you to choose from, but our fashion-defining frames are just the beginning. We can customize your eyewear in our in-house lab using cutting-edge technology to create not just the perfect eyewear, but the perfect eyewear for you.

Unique and Beautiful Eyewear Selection
State of the Art Optometry

State of the Art Optometry – More Than a Traditional Eye Exam

Our knowledgeable and experienced optometrist provides advanced care, including specialized visual solutions such as myopia management to preserve your child’s eye health and vision over the years. We also are expert at fitting specialty contacts such as custom orthokeratology designed reverse the effects of myopia and offer clear vision without glasses or contacts.

Our uncompromising nature extends to the way we prescribe glasses or contact lenses during your eye exam. We will always spend the time to make sure that you’ll receive an accurate and comfortable prescription. Your vision matters to us.
~ Dr. Yung-Han Chen

Clean Comfortable Environment

We want you to discover eyewear you love in a setting you adore. Our clean, comfortable and inviting boutique is designed to make your eyewear shopping a treat that you look forward to, and a quality experience that you won’t want to end. Fall in love with our beautiful optical boutique in the Flatiron District, and enjoy free Wi-Fi, charging stations, and more while you peruse. (It smells great in here, too!)

Clean Comfortable Environment at 10/10 Optics

Luxury Eye Care & Eyewear, Worth Every Cent

Our primary goal from day one has been to deliver an extraordinary eye care experience and stellar frames selection. Since then, we’ve been approached by many corporations and insurance companies seeking to work with us. And what we’ve discovered is that, while corporatizing and accepting standard insurance is traditional for most optical shops, the bureaucracy and limitations that come with it hold us back from doing our best work.

We’re able to carry the eyewear we’re most excited about, spend our time providing expertise, adopt any in-house technology we think is best for you — because we are completely free from these restrictions. There are services we routinely do here that are not covered by insurance at all, for example; myopia control and orthokeratology. We don’t want a cookie-cutter experience that’s only benefit is being covered by insurance: individuality comes at a price, but we believe it’s worth every penny.

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Flatiron NYC Eye Doctor

We’re proud to serve the Flatiron District of New York City, NY, as well as our neighbors in Chelsea, Kips Bay, Madison Square Park, Gramercy Park, Midtown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Murray Hill, and other surrounding areas.

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