Contact Lenses

Contact Lens Exams in NYC
Contact lens wear can be incredibly versatile. You may choose to wear them occasionally, or every day. Wear them at events and situations where you don’t want to wear glasses, i.e., special celebrations, at the beach, or playing sports. Contact lenses are no longer just one size fits all – there are several options to chose from to fit your specific vision needs. At 10/10 Optics we understand that.

10/10 Optics has provided contact lens exams in NYC for decades. For a comfortable, personalized experience with professionals who truly understand eye health, book your appointment now.

Contact Lens Exams in NYC
Cornea Unique Topography in NYC

“Like a fingerprint, each cornea has a unique topography.  I custom design contact lenses for the best and healthiest fit, a perfect match for your eyes.”
— Dr. Y Chen

Types of Lenses

Multi-Focal Lenses

As you get older, usually after 40, your vision may change. Presbyopia is a natural, common condition that affects your ability to see or read close things. Ever find yourself holding a menu at arm’s length or squinting to read a newspaper? Multi-focal lenses are designed to produce crisp, clear vision at any range, near and far.

Rigid Lenses

Rigid, or hard, contact lenses have come a long way since the 1990s when they first became popularized. We believe rigid lenses may be the healthiest choice for your eyes as they allow your tears to naturally eliminate waste products and other impurities, instead of trapping them under a soft lens. Rigid lenses may also be a great choice for your child, especially those with astigmatism.

Just as no two fingerprints are alike, your eyes have individual shapes and textures. We have years of experience mapping the corneal topography to design tear layers that work in tandem with custom rigid lenses for excellent vision and maximum comfort. Custom rigid lenses can be created, made to order, for near and distant vision, astigmatism, bi-focal, multi-focal and post-surgical corrections.

Soft Lenses

At 10/10 Optics, we believe that 1-day disposable lenses are the best option in soft lenses. Soft lenses differ in shape, size, material, and water/air permeability. After a day of wear, soft lenses become coated with fats, proteins, and other debris.

One-day disposables allow you to start each day with a fresh, sterile pair of lenses, helping to maintain healthy corneas and eyelids. Making the right choice will be healthier for your eyes.

Soft Lenses with Beauty Benefits

One of the newest innovations in eyecare are lenses that accentuate the natural beauty and brightness of your eyes. DEFINE™ 1-Day lenses by Acuvue use light-effect patterns to reinforce the appearance of the circle around your iris – the limbal ring. Studies show a dark limbal ring is associated with attractiveness. The limbal ring starts out very dark when you are born; as you age it diminishes in appearance.

DEFINE lenses add depth and dimension to the limbal ring without changing your natural eye color, and enhance the whiteness of your eye. They’re available in prescription and non-prescription, in three different style patterns – and also provide UV protection for your eyes.

NYC Top Ortho-K Optometrist

Orthokeratology: Non-surgical eyesight improvement

Orthokeratology (Ortho-K) is an FDA-approved, non-invasive procedure in which rigid lenses are customized to create a change in the shape of the cornea. Patients sleep in lenses at night, remove upon waking, and see clearly all day without glasses or contacts! (It’s a concept similar to wearing orthodontic retainers).


I am happy with the lenses I have now, can I just order more?

If your prescription is valid, we can order more lenses for you and have them shipped directly to your home or office. That said, we recommend you check your prescription and contact lens fit on an annual basis.

I wear contacts now but I am having some problems with them. What can I do?

If you are not totally happy with the comfort, fit or vision of your lenses, visit Dr. Rozenberg for a complimentary consultation. He can discuss some of the possible choices and remedies available to solve problems you are experiencing. It may be as simple as changing the prescription of your lenses or letting you try a different lens for a week.

Personalized troubleshooting is one of the advantages of working with a doctor you trust. You can buy contacts anywhere in NYC or even online for that matter, but some issues are best resolved through visiting a professional.

I am having trouble reading with my lenses, what can I do?

It may just require a slight change in prescription to help you read better with your lenses. Sometimes the use of reading or computer glasses over contacts will solve the problem. Some patients do very well with bifocal or multi-focal contacts. Occasionally, patients prefer monovision where one eye is corrected for far and one for near vision. We can often give you trial periods to try many of these options to see which is right for you.

I am not sure if contacts are for me? Can I wear them, can I put them on, will I like them?

Our skilled staff works with each patient to educate them on the best ways to handle and care for contact lenses. Come in for a complementary consultation to see if they may be right for you. You can try them on right away in the privacy of our office.

How much do contact lenses cost?

The cost of contact lenses will depend on the nature of your eyes, prescription, and eye care needs. Some patients just need new lenses, some are due for an exam and a different lens, while others have more complicated corneas and will need custom designed lenses. Dr. Rozenberg can usually estimate the cost during a consultation.

Contact 10/10 Optics to learn more about obtaining the best prescription for your eyes.

What is the benefit of custom contact lenses?

Like a fingerprint, the shape of each cornea is completely unique for every individual. A Custom Contact lens is fabricated based thousands of computerized micro measurements that map the shape of the surface of the eye (Corneal topography). Wearing a lens that is created just for you enhances the experience for both the health of the eye and the controlled visual results.