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Petite Size Eyewear at 10/10 Optics

Are you tired of wearing kid sized frames?

Would you like to have more choices on eyewear that fit you?

Your search is over. Size does matter!

Welcome to the world of Petite Sized eyewear. Instead of shopping in the children’s section, we have wonderful adult choices for you in Petite sizes. Now you can have style, fit and function without any compromise.

At 10/10 Optics, our NYC optical boutique has a wide range of Petite-Size frames, curated to fit smaller facial features for both men and women in our luxury collections, Designer Collections and Mid-Priced-collections. When you finally put on a chic, attractive and perfect fitting frame you’ll absolutely see and feel the difference.

Stop by to try on a few different looks, or make a complimentary appointment with our staff of experienced opticians. Click the eyewear appointment button and let’s get started!