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About Our Eye Care Center

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Since 1979, we’ve been redefining how people discover the eyewear they love.

Located on Madison Avenue, on the corner off Madison Square Park, our handicapped-accessible vision center is designed to make your luxury eyewear shopping experience as comfortable and relaxing as possible. Our process starts way before you ever walk in our front door, when we curate our exclusive eyewear collections from a range of international designers. For many of our brands, we are the only New York eyeglass store where they may be seen.

One of the areas where we’re unique is in the experience and expertise of our optical staff. Our opticians are trained in optics and aesthetics and they get to know each of our patients well enough to guide them expertly through the process of selecting the best pair of frames for their needs — whether they’re looking to replicate their current style or push boundaries with something new.

With petite and plus sizes and Asian-fit options available as well as frame materials that include wood, metal, animal horn, leather and granite, we’re your home for truly one-of-a-kind eyewear. While helping you find your next pair of frames, it’s important to us that you enjoy life with optimal vision quality.

In our New York eye clinic, our eye doctor will begin the process with a thorough eye exam. We place equal importance on your vision and your eye health, because high-quality eye care means not having to compromise on one or the other. It also means not sticking to what’s conventional. We’re an eye care center known for our selection of fine eyewear, but we don’t limit ourselves to that — we offer specialized vision solutions like Ortho-K eyesight improvement!

Optometrist checks out your vision

Once your optometrist checks out your vision, they will work with you to find a solution that meets your preferences, because your prescription is only step one. Whether it be Ortho-K, contact lenses, or eyeglasses, we confer with each individual patient to find the vision solution that’s best for them.

The final step in the process is bringing your preferred vision to fruition in our in-house lab. We have cutting-edge technology to create eyewear lenses that help you see your best wherever you are —indoors, at your desk, outside, playing sports, special events, or driving home late at night — with options like digital progressive lenses, computer glasses, polarized lenses, and sunglasses.

Optometrist checks out your vision
Optometrist checks out your vision
New York Eye Care Clinic
Eye care center lobby
We care deeply about our eye care and fine frames, and from what our patients have to say, it shows. Check out the love letters we’ve received from patients who can’t wait for their next “optical update.”