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In-House Lens Lab

For more than 30 years, we’ve made eyewear lenses at our boutique for ultimate quality control. We have the most advanced digital equipment that uses your prescription to trace the shape of the frame in 3D before cutting and finishing the lens for the best aesthetic & fit.
Our custom on-site lab provides optimal control, accuracy and artistry. Our lab staff is compromised of skilled opticians and expert troubleshooters. We are able to reshape frames, customize bridges and make other adjustments quickly and with precision.

All patient prescriptions are saved digitally, so it’s easy to order an extra pair for your eyewear wardrobe or have frames re-fitted with new prescription lenses.

Custom Adjustable Nose Pads

Many times, you will absolutely love a particular frame, but it keeps sliding down your nose. For these situations, we’ve mastered the art of custom nose pads – discrete, comfortable, expertly crafted pads that are attached at the top inside of the frame, fitted for the width of your nose bridge. If you are interested in more info, click here:
Adjustable Nose Pads Installation in NYC
NYC Skilled Optician