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Healthy eyes and clear vision go hand in hand, and you shouldn’t have to compromise on either. At 10/10 Optics, you will receive some of New York’s most comprehensive eye care, but you’ll be matched with the finest eyewear for your personal needs.

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About 10/10 Optics

10/10 Optics is a specialty eye care and eyewear boutique, and fixture in Manhattan for over 40 years. In that time, we’ve redefined how people discover eyewear they love. We offer unmatched experience and industry knowledge, comprehensive eye exams, frames curated from around the world, state-of-the-art technology to ensure the perfect fit and prescription, and an unrivaled customer experience for your comfort and satisfaction. We consider fitting your eyewear a delightful art, and with our personalized eyewear makeovers, our passionate opticians will help you select the perfect frames for your face!

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Eye Exams

Our commitment to finding the best eyewear for each patient starts with making sure their eye health is in order. Our eye doctors will determine your precise prescription for eyeglasses or contact lenses and check for even the earliest signs of disease.

Contact Lenses

There is no one-size-fits-all solution for contact lenses. At 10/10 Optics, we use the most advanced digital technology to accurately gauge your prescription and custom-fit contact lenses for your specific vision needs.

Myopia Management

Myopia, or nearsightedness, is a common condition that can progress over time. We offer specialized vision solutions like orthokeratology overnight eyesight correction to stop, reverse & correct the progression of myopia.

Check Out Our Eyewear Collections

The Best Place in NYC to Find Your Perfect Glasses

As an eyeglass boutique, eyewear is our passion. We hand-pick the best colors, materials, and inspirations from around the world to fit every lifestyle, fashion, and budget. Experience our curated collections as we perfectly frame your face!

Luxury Eyewear For Female - 10/10 Optics

Luxury Eyewear

Luxury eyewear is not about the price tag: it’s about feeling and looking exceptional with eyewear that speaks to your truest sense of style.


Men Sunglasses Design - 10/10 Optics


Our curated sunglasses collections will both protect your eyes and maximize your style for sport or street wear.


Designer Eyewear For Old Women - 10/10 Optics

Designer Eyewear

More fashion-forward in shape, color, and material, these independent collections feature uniquely innovative designs.


Mid Priced Eyeglass Design For Men - 10/10 Optics

Mid-Priced Eyewear

Owning beautiful eyewear doesn’t have to be expensive — we have a dazzling array of options that won’t break the bank!


Size Matters: We Have Your Fit

Was finding the right size and shape frame a challenge? We specialize in the fit you need by offering a variety.

Petite Size Eyewear

Tired of wearing kid-sized frames? We showcase a wonderful selection of petite size frames, curated to fit smaller facial features for both men and women, from across our collections.

Plus Size Eyewear

Wouldn’t you love to have a personal collection of eyewear that fits the way you’ve always imagined? We have plus size eyewear to comfortably fit your face without any compromise.

Asian Fit Eyewear

If your eyewear is constantly touching your cheeks or hitting your eyelashes, you may need Asian fit. These frame designs lift away from the cheekbones, making them more comfortable and fit better. It’s all about choices!

Adjustable Nose Pads

If your glasses are falling down your face or your frame is wrong for your nose, we can add custom adjustable nose pads to almost any plastic frame to improve your fit.

Meet the Team at 10/10 Optics

Dr. Yung-Han Chen, O.D.

Experienced Eye Doctor

Yung-Han Chen, O.D., is an expert optometrist at 10/10 Optics. He provides comprehensive, full-scope eye exams for adults and children, as well as ortho-k for myopia control. Dr. Chen is very patient-focused and puts great emphasis on their comfort and making sure their most particular needs are met.

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Ruth Domber & Our Expert Opticians

Eyewear Consultant Extraordinaires

Ruth Domber is a co-founder of 10/10 Optics and eyewear extraordinaire. She works with state-of-the-art designers and curates her frame collections from all over the world. Quoted extensively by many major beauty and health publications, Ruth is an expert in “eyewear makeovers” and getting clients in the right eyewear — much like our boutique’s expert opticians. We take pride in knowing that our opticians are both highly trained and have a real gift for matching people with their perfect frames.

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Eyewear Makeovers

Every face is a unique work of art, and everyone should have eyewear that frames them just right. At 10/10 Optics, we help you find the right frames to match your personality. We lean on our experience to craft a truly unique result for our customers — our fittings are personal, dynamic, and fun!

See for yourself how our eyewear can bring out who you are! Check out these photos from our live Instagram to get inspired, and follow us @1010optics to stay up to date on what we offer!

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Flatiron NYC Eye Doctor

We’re proud to serve the Flatiron District of New York City, NY, as well as our neighbors in Chelsea, Kips Bay, Madison Square Park, Gramercy Park, Midtown Manhattan, Greenwich Village, Hell’s Kitchen, Murray Hill, and other surrounding areas.

Sun: 11AM-5PM
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