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Designer Eyewear NYC

de·sign·er eye·wear
noun phrase

eyewear collections that are created by eyewear companies, founded and run by eyewear designers.

These collections are usually more innovative in shape and color, have a more distinct personality and cohesive storyline across frames. This eyewear is designed by real people, not committee, to be worn by real people. Designers bring their own vision and creativity to the frames, sometimes choosing to focus on a more distinct population, like Asian Fit, Petite or Plus-size eyewear.

Designers tend to design what they want to see in the world.

These are not collections created by some large faceless corporation, nor are they a branding exercise for a well-known fashion house to extend their product line to include eyeglasses.

Designer eyewear tends to be manufactured by small factories in limited editions and are only available at exclusive locations, like 10/10 Optics.