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Bird & Cage Horn Eyeglasses in NYC

Bird & Cage stands for freedom of expression and individuality. Each pair of hand made Buffalo Horn frames is made solely by Max Shustovskiy, from sketch to assembly, and takes about 72 hours of meticulous hand work. 

Colors range from acacia honey to chestnut brown and charcoal black. These organic materials can be transparent and opaque, solid or multicolored. Horn is one of the original materials historically used in the making of eyewear, and still remains a luxury material. 

Each pair of horn eyeglasses is approximately thirty percent lighter than the same frame made from acetate. Horn is very pleasant to touch and nonallergenic, making it a real find for people with sensitive skin. Buffalo horn quickly adjusts to the skin temperature, making it incredibly comfortable for all seasons.

Private fittings are available by appointment.  Contact ru**@10********.com for details.


Asian water buffalo horn.


New York, USA