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Sunglasses, a very important part of your eyewear wardrobe.

Looking great & getting the best protection for your eyes is important. It’s what you want.

Our curated Sunglass collections are from the finest independent luxury designers around the world.
Stop in and enjoy our selection!

Eliminate glare: with Polarized Lenses which are in fact an invisible filter, allowing the suns rays to pass through in only one direction. Extremely comfortable and very soothing. You’ll never squint again. The impact is tremendous and you’ll certainly notice the difference.

Lens material: Are you lounging by the pool side or playing weekend racket ball? Maybe a little bit of both? Let’s talk about your lifestyle to determine the lens material that’s best for you.

Tint: Brown, Gray or Green, which one will you like? Actually, your brain has a preference as to how it likes to see. It’s important to try the lens color choices on to find out which ones make you the most comfortable.

Size: Is bigger better? For sunglasses, for sure! Getting the most UV coverage and protection is best for your eyes and your skin.

Clip-Ons: A custom-made sunglass shortcut that fits in the palm of your hand. Clip-ons fit over the front of your glasses, matching almost any style frame including rimless, metal and plastic. Clip them on and take them off at your convenience, it’s so easy!