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Guide to Fixing Broken Glasses

Simple Fixes

“DIY fixes” and “life hacks” are all the rage, and while some of them are dubious at best, there are quite a few that can save you the money of buying a repair kit, and save your glasses in the process, plus everyone will think you’re really clever (you really are):

Broken Hinges

If a screw pops out of one- or both- of your hinges, if you don’t have repair kit to replace the lost screws, there are other options. If you have a toothpick or small, thin wire laying around the house, they can help you with screw replacement. Simply pop the toothpick or wire into the hinge screw hole, and then snip off the excess material poking out. A toothpick is only going to get you so far (it will erode relatively quickly) but a metal wire will take longer to wear down. Either way, they will buy you a little time to get to a repair kit, or to an eye care center.

Broken Frame

Depending on the sort of damage your frame has suffered, at-home repair of a frame can be an elaborate process. One method, if you’ve found that the temple or arms of the frame are no longer working, is to bend them into a better fitting shape. For the arms, this can be done using hot water to make them more malleable and then bending them into shape, and for the temples you can actually just very cautiously bend them as they are until they fit comfortably.We shared this info with you because it’s possible. However, unless it’s an emergency stop gap to get through a day at work, we wouldn’t exactly recommend taking these measures because in both causes you can easily end up taking a pair of uncomfortable/semi-broken glasses and turning them into a completely broken pair.Instead, we recommend booking an appointment with us here at 10/10 Optics and letting our staff of professionals make the adjustments for you. If the glasses themselves have snapped in half at the bridge, there are a few multi-step fixes that you can make yourself. We love this exceptionally detailed guide from Hunker but, many of these repairs take quite a bit of time and a certain level of skill, and again an optician is your best bet, but if you’re in a bind and up for a challenge, you can certainly give it a shot.

Scratched up Lenses

While heavily scratched lenses aren’t the same as a broken frame, if your lenses are heavily scratched it’s a viable reason to buy a new pair. But if you need to make it to the weekend to get to the optometrist, there’s a few home remedies you can try. Some of the solutions you may already have at home include baking soda, toothpaste (yes, that actually works), or any other all purpose cleaner. These will require pretty frequent reapplication, so you may want to consider a product made specifically for scratched glasses or new lenses instead.

Nose Pad Adjustment

While not all glasses actually have nose pads, if they do, an adjustment of those pads might be a quick and easy way to fix loose or uncomfortable glasses. Basically, you just need to make a quick adjustment by turning the pads, so that the glasses no longer slide down your face or sit up too high. Hold your glasses in one hand and use them as a pressure wedge, and simply turn the pads in the appropriate direction (you’ll need to put a little oomph into it). This may take a bit of trial and error, but can quickly fix any positioning problems you may be having with your frames.

But to be honest, your best bet is to visit a professional, who can make the adjustment quickly and correctly. If you visit an optician, If you don’t have adjustable nose pads but think you may need them, we can help. At 10/10 Optics; we’re more than happy to install your adjustable nose pads for you.

The Unfixable 

While many breaks are at least temporarily fixable, there are a few things that aren’t. Shattered lenses, a completely mangled frame, and parts that are severely bent or warped are all breaks make glasses unusable and unfortunately require you to buy new frames or lenses. But it’s not all bad news. Think of it as an opportunity to get a check-up on your prescription and make any necessary changes, and maybe even try out a new style of glasses frames that better suit your look! 1010 Optics in NYC can give you a digital eye exam or help you find a new pair of designer eyeglasses that are ideal for your face–maybe even better than your last pair!

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