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You Don’t Need Poor Eyesight to Wear Glasses

For people with less-than-perfect vision, a pair of glasses is an absolutely integral tool to get through daily life. But while some people wear glasses they are a necessity, vision correction isn’t the only reason to wear glasses. In fact, people with perfect vision still have plenty of reason to incorporate glasses into their regular wardrobe.

Wear Them For Protection

The most common way that people with perfect vision can wear glasses is of course, sunglasses. But sunglasses aren’t all inherently built for optimal UV protection. We’ve spoken pretty extensively about the threat that UV rays can pose to long-term vision health. Look for a pair that is rated UV400 or higher, which means they will block 99.9% of UV rays. Ideally sunglasses lenses should also be polarized, which can help reduce glare.

But sunglasses don’t have to be the dramatic dark kind, lightly tinted or clear non-prescription glasses can also offer protection from harmful UV rays. If you spend a lot of time outdoors but have difficulty seeing well through dark tints or are in conditions that don’t require glare protection, a pair of clear, UV protectant, non-prescriptions can be a smart purchase.

When you’re outdoors, glasses can also protect your eyes from irritants like dust and dirt. For example, if you’re playing frisbee or volleyball on the beach, sunglasses look great and protect your eyes from flecks of dirt and sand that get launched into the air (and ultimately into your eyes). In any conditions, glasses can serve as a sort of protective shield for your eyes.

Wear Them For Fashion

We are obsessed with how stylish and gorgeous a great pair of glasses can be. There are more styles from more designers than ever before, and in addition to improving vision, glasses can become a staple of your signature style.

So, why should glasses be restricted to practical use when they can also be a bold and exciting fashion accessory? They shouldn’t!

Glasses can be striking statement pieces for anyone. They can accentuate some of your best features, and turn an outfit from great to perfect. If you love glasses like we do, but don’t need them for vision correction, that’s ok! Simply visit an eyewear store and talk to an eye care specialist about getting clear, non prescription lenses put into your favorite pair of fashion frames.

However, please, don’t wear prescription glasses if you don’t need them. While they may not directly damage your eyes, they will alter the quality of your vision which can lead to eye strain and headaches. Your vision is an important part of your quality of life for your entire life, so protect it carefully. If you have 20/20 eyesight but want to wear glasses, you totally can, and should, but do it the right way.

Wear Them For A Respite From Blue Light

UV rays aren’t the only light that non-prescription glasses can protect your eyes from. Blue light, the light that is emitted by most of our daily electronic devices like laptops, phones and tablets, can lead to more rapid vision deterioration. Our lives are becoming more and more centered around these devices in both work and personal environments, which means our eyes rarely get a break from blue light. The technological evolution has made blue light blocking glasses a popular purchase for office-dwellers and instagram influencers alike.

While these glasses are often non-prescription, they do help to mitigate a uniquely modern threat to vision health. Non-prescription glasses of all varieties may not improve vision, but they can certainly help to protect it! To learn about the threats blue light poses to your vision, read our blog, “The Hidden Effects of Screen Time on You Eyes”.

So there you have it, you don’t need poor eyesight to wear glasses. Whether you’re looking to protect your eyes from possibly irritating or damaging environments, or just think that a pair of glasses is the perfect way to complete the look, non-prescription glasses can be exactly what you need. If you’re looking for some new eyewear, 10/10 Optics is happy to help you find the pair that is just right for you; just book an appointment! If want to learn more about things that can damage your eyesight, read our blog, “Three Things That Can Damage Your Eyesight”; you won’t regret it!