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ÈYES ARE THE STORY is an optocosmetics brand committed to delivering bold — and safe — beauty products made specifically for sensitive eyes. Their products focus on your eyes and how they can help you consciously protect them from everyday irritants, from digital eye strain to pollution to cosmetics, and even dirty hands! Moving the conversation from CLEAN beauty to SAFE beauty, their clinically tested formulas are created by leading innovators in vision science.

ÈYES ARE THE STORY refreshing eye towelettes are custom curated for your ocular health. Infused with hyaluronic acid, aloe gel, and plant-based calendula, these soft towelettes bring instant comfort and relief for strained, tired eyes. Shop their eye-safe bio-beauty product in-store at 1010 Optics or online today! Your tired, gritty, and dry eyes will thank you!

Shop Eyes Are the Story
Shop Eyes Are the Story

Eyes Are The Story:

  • Formulated for sensitive eyes & skin, dry eyes, and contact lens wearers
  • Developed for daily eyelid hygiene
  • Tested and validated by Ophthalmologists & Dermatologists
  • Endorsed by eye care specialists worldwide
  • Rooted in Eye Science


  • Wash your face & clean your eyelids, morning and night!
  • Use with your daily beauty & lid hygiene routine
  • Pack in your yoga bag, beach bag & work bag


  • Don’t leave eye makeup on overnight! This bad habit has been shown to trigger puffy, irritated, and red eyes. Worse, leftover eye makeup can lead to eye infections!


  • No deposits of tissue fibers or greasy residue.
Shop Eyes Are the Story
Shop Eyes Are the Story