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How to Wear Contacts

Do’s and Don’ts Wear Contacts

Contacts Do’s and Don’ts


  • Use a case when putting your glasses in a bag
  • Wash your hands before putting in contact lenses.
  • Use office lenses for your desktop computer if you have difficulty seeing your computer
  • Be on a myopia control method if your child is nearsighted
  • Realize there is more to vision than being able to see small letters on an eye chart
  • Realize there are multifocal contact lenses now that allow someone to see both far and close in their contacts
  • Consider different color tints for your sunglasses for best comfort
  • Use preservative free artificial tears if your eyes are feeling dry
  • Clean your eyelids with mild soap when you are taking a shower
  • Wear safety glasses when doing any construction or automobile repair work.


  • Use Visine regularly due to your eyes becoming more red as you use more
  • Splash tap water in your eyes if your eyes are feeling dry and irritated because you are interfering with the balance of a normal tear film
  • Don’t do near work for long periods of time without taking a break
  • Sleep in your daytime contact lenses
  • Reuse contact lens solution
  • Ignore any eye issues including sudden loss of vision
  • Think it’s normal to have blurry vision when there is most likely a solution