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Do's and Don'ts

Glasses Do’s and Don’ts

Glasses Do’s and Don’ts


  • Ask questions
  • Know what colors you wear best
  • Discuss your lifestyle and professional needs
  • Try on looks and style that you haven’t considered in the past
  • Use a recent/new prescription
  • Sunglasses should be larger than your clear specs. (More protection)
  • Wear polarized lenses for best sun protection
  • Keep you glasses in an eyeglass case


  • Your eyeglasses should not move up and down when you talk.
  • Don’t clean your glasses by fogging them up with your breath and wiping off on clothing
  • Don’t Put the lenses face down when taking off
  • Don’t Use a very old frame for new lenses.
  • Don’t play sports in glass lenses
  • Don’t clean your contacts in your mouth