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10/10 Optics Adds Eyewear Color Analysis to Their Optical Shopping Experience

New York, NY, — Independent eyewear boutique 10/10 Optics has announced that they will now be offering color analysis for eyewear upon request to all patients and customers looking to purchase frames from their selection of luxury eyewear offerings. By bringing on eyewear color analysis as a requestable service, 10/10 Optics reiterates their commitment to patient satisfaction, providing a rarefied experience among New York city optical retailers.

“Providing a curated outlet for independent, stylized eyewear and an optimal patient experience is the foundation of our practice,” said Ruth Domber, owner of 10/10 Optics. “Places like 10/10 Optics are a rarity in New York; we’re not a chain, and our commitment is to serve our customers with the unique frames and degree of satisfaction they won’t find elsewhere.”

woman wearing eyeglasses with frame color analysis at 1010 optics

10/10 Optics is unique in the city of New York as it’s one of a handful of entirely independent optical boutiques.

In an eyewear context, color analysis aims to find patients’ best suited “colors” for frames based on their skin, hair, and eye color, including undertones and other aspects related to traditional color analysis. The end goal of eyewear color analysis is to help customers find flattering options for themselves. Previously, Domber did all of this analysis herself, but she has since trained opticians at 10/10 Optics in how to provide thorough color analysis for patients’ eyewear.

“I’m passionate about ensuring our customers and patients get the curated shopping experience that everyone desires,” continued Domber. “Luckily, all our opticians are trained to know the difference that the right colors make. We carry quite a broad range of brands, styles, and designers, so we’re working with a level of depth you won’t find elsewhere that makes it easier to find frames that flatter everyone.”

Opticians at 10/10 Optics specialize in eyewear and eyeglass makeovers and fashion updates. “It’s what we do best,” said Domber.

“I spend most of my time at 10/10 Optics performing comprehensive eye examinations,” said Yung-Han Chen, O.D., an optometrist at the practice. “Besides our high standards of care, I know one of the reasons 10/10 Optics has been able to build a loyal base in the city is due to our focus on quality, style, and excellent service. Color analysis for eyewear is something that’s hard for someone to objectively perform on themselves, especially when it comes to something like glasses. There’s a lot of factors, and our image consultants are well-versed in dealing with all of that on top of offering the analysis when asked. It’s a game changer because you can see how confident patients are afterward!”

Analysis comes free with any shopping experience, with 10/10 Optics having the eyewear range to satisfy typical budgets in the Flatiron District. 10/10 Optics’ optical retail and optometry practice are open and taking appointments for new and existing patients.

About 10/10 Optics

10/10 Optics is an independent one-stop shop primary care optometry practice and optical retailer. The practice specializes in offering unparalleled experience from providers, using their expertise to craft individualized results for patients and customers. The optical retail side carries a vast range of independently designed eyewear, and the practice is equipped to serve a wide range of patients. The staff also offer contact lenses, myopia management, pre- and post-operative care, among other services. The in-house labs add to the optical experience, as all finishings are customized. Their opticians are known as “image consultants” who give customers “eye makeovers” with their knowledge of their own range of products and deft eye for style.


10/10 Optics has announced that in addition to their luxurious

shopping experience, patients can now request a personal eyewear color analysis from their in-house image consultants.