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Choosing the Best Glasses for Your Look

Shopping for new glasses can be fun and exciting. But standing in front of a wall of hundreds of pairs of glasses trying to find the right one can become overwhelming. You’ll be wearing these glasses every day, the frames you choose will become an essential part of your daily look.

This is a big decision!

With so many styles, shapes, materials and color possibilities how do you choose the one that will best accentuate your personal style?

Eyewear stylists have the expertise to help guide you toward a pair of glasses that you’ll love. But if you’re on your own, here are some things to keep in mind when trying to narrow down your choices.

Your Face Shape

The individual proportions of your face play an important role in finding your most flattering style of eyewear. The key is to find a style that balance out your facial proportions. A quick tip is to look to styles that are the opposite of your face shape. It seems counterintuitive but when it comes to facial features and glasses frames opposites really do attract.

For example, an oblong shaped face could be made to appear shorter by choosing a pair of
glasses that add width to the face either through a wider set frame, or decorative temple accents. For someone with a very angular face, those lines can be softened with oval frames, or rounder frames that will add gentle curves to the face. Someone with a round face may benefit from the complementary angles created by glasses that square off or angle upward to the cheekbone.

If you’re trying to narrow down your choices from a wide array of styles think about using your glasses to add new dimensions to your face. You’ll get the most striking effect by choosing a pair that provides angular contrast to your natural shape.

Skin Tone

Glasses come in so many different colors it can be hard to decide which color to choose. Fortunately, your skin tone can also be used to find a shade of frames that will look great on you. Everyone’s complexion has natural shading comes with either cool (blue-based) or warm (yellow-based) undertones. Depending on which category you fall into, certain colors may flatter you more than others.

Unlike with shapes, where contrast is the goal, when color is involved it’s best to stay in your color palette. People with warm undertones may find that frames in like rich reds, browns, ambers and golds compliment them best. For someone with cool undertones, corresponding shades of blue, ashy grays, metallic silvers, and dark tortoise frames may look best. Don’t fight against your natural coloring here, embrace it and enhance by looking for corresponding undertones.

Eye Color

You’ll also want to look for a frame color that brings out the natural beauty of your eyes. Consider the pieces in your wardrobe that you know to bring out the color of your eyes. For many, rich earthy tones can make green eyes pop, while pink or purple frames offer contrast.

The warmth of brown eyes can easily be brought out by other warm colors like olive greens, or sepia tones. Blue eyes can seem even bluer when paired with red tones like a mahogany or tortoise frame. Though they can be equally complimented by steely blue or cool gray frames. As for hazel eyes, the duality of their color can be played up with forest greens or perhaps a metallic gold to bring out the gold flecks of the iris. Glasses frames surround your lenses but they also quite literally frame your eyes so don’t underestimate the importance of your eye color when choosing your frames.

Hair Color

Hair color can also play a central role when it comes to choosing a flattering frame color. Like your skin tone, hair color also considered either cool or warm. Hair color plays a similar role to skin tone in choosing hues for glasses. Those who have cool hair tones will be complimented best by cool frame colors, whereas warmer hair colors will be highlighted by warmer frames.

For example, someone with cool toned blonde hair would want to lean toward a navy pair of
glasses, while someone with warmer toned blonde hair would be better served by tortoise frames. A warm brunette may be complemented by rich red or auburn shades, whereas a cooler brunette may be best suited for black or blue frames. For someone with red hair, the vibrance of their coloring may pair well with neutral frame colors like blacks and creams, where as someone with black hair can achieve contrast with saturated colors in jewel tones.

Hair color plays a role in everything from our wardrobe to makeup, so it’s no wonder that it makes a difference in choosing glasses frames too.


Aside from complimenting your physical attributes, the right pair of glasses should also work well with your lifestyle. Are you an athlete? A business person? An artist? Considering your day-to-day activities can help you select a pair that is well suited for your lifestyle. Someone who attends frequent business meetings may be more inclined to look for a professional, classic shape, whereas someone who engages in frequent physical activity (such as an athlete or a child) may want to opt for shatterproof, Polycarbonate lenses. Let your optician know a little about your every day rituals and routines so he or she can address your concerns and help point you in the right direction.

Although your face shape, eye color and hair color may sway you in one direction or another when picking out your new glasses, never neglect your personal sense of style. A specific pair of glasses may be perfect for you on paper but if they don’t match your vibe, they may not be right for you. On the other hand, don’t be afraid to be bold. Have the courage to step outside your comfort zone when it comes to eyewear, especially with the help of an expert eyewear stylist.

Your glasses are a daily expression of your personality that are also an extension of your unique colors and features. You’ll want to be sure that they not only compliment your physical characteristics, but also speak to who you are as an individual. Your glasses can enhance your natural beauty create a stunning overall look. Remember you don’t just have to wear glasses to see, with the right frames you can wear them because you’re in love with the way they look.