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Would a Cat Eye Frame Look Good On Me

Audrey Hepburn. Marilyn Monroe. Katy Perry. Scarlet Johannsen. What do all of the women have in common, aside from being gorgeous and famous of course?

They all knew how to rock cat eye glasses frames.

We watch the celebrity magazines and the red carpet events and see these beautiful faces wearing cat eye shaped glasses and sunglass and wonder…

Can I get that look? Would a cat eye frame look good on me.?

The good news for most women is, yes! They will look fantastic. We’ll tell you a little more about this retro turned modern trend look, why they work on so many faces and show you a few of our favorite styles.

What Distinguishes a Cat eye Frame?

A cat eye shaped frame covers many different versions of an eyewear frame that has a high eyebrow arch and a bottom that sweeps up towards the cheekbone.

When we talk about cat eye frames, what often comes to mind are the elaborate versions that came to the forefront of fashion in the 1950s. The early 60s brought us cat eye sunglasses thanks to Holly Golightly. The 60s also marked wider accessibility of the style to more women.

But don’t worry, these aren’t your grandmother’s glasses! Today’s cat eye frames are a bit more chic and fashion forward. They still come in a variety of colors and some with decorative accents, like jewels or patterns particularly at the tips.  The styles include both thick, dark frames and thinner frames which can be more flattering to a wider variety of faces.

Your Makeup, Your Eyewear.

One of the reasons that cat eyes look so great on most women it the flattering angle along the cheekbone. This shape very closely mimics the way that brush strokes are used in applying makeup. Cat eye frames also come with a bigger lens which means they are a better showcase for more elaborate eye make-up and thick full lashes.

Cat eye Glasses Frames Help Defy DNA

One of the best parts of cat eye frames is the effect created by the upward sweep of the lower part of the frame. This creates a very slimming shape that mimics our classic impression of ideal bone structure. In a perfect world we’d all have gorgeously high cheekbones and perfectly arched brows.  But sadly, Mother Nature does not hand out these coveted features to everyone.  Fortunately, if you weren’t born that way you can still get the look using cat eye frames.

Cat Eye Frames are a Statement!

Finally, cat eye frames are in high demand because they are a true statement piece among eye wear styles. Nothing declares a bold, feminine and confident personality quite like a cat eye frame. While these may not be the standard every day glasses for everyone, having a pair of cat eye glasses in your collection allows you to wear them for a night out or a weekend of shopping at vintage boutiques. Wherever you wear them they speak volumes about your sense of style.

If you’re looking for a way to shake up your routine or add the perfect accent to an exciting ensemble cat eye glasses frames could be exactly the answer you need.