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Caddis Eye Appliances

Caddis Eye Appliances considers itself “the anti anti-aging” brand. Recognizing maturity brings a unique sense of style and confidence, Caddis crafts eyewear that appeals to adults and seniors who desire to stand out in their golden years, because the way they are, right now, is perfect. Our Caddis collection features frames made from high-quality materials like handcrafted acetate and are all meticulously designed for comfort and durability. Each piece resonates with the Caddis ethos – aging is not a phase to be overlooked but an era to be celebrated with boldness and elegance. Caddis Eye Appliances are more than just glasses; they are a testament to the beauty of embracing every stage of life with style and distinction.


Handcrafted acetate, plastic, metal alloys


Salt Lake City, UT