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Eyewear gift card

What does it mean to give a great gift?

Numerous articles have been written in the New York Times about the art of gift giving. Gift giving is difficult, because not everyone has the same taste or wants. What if you give a present that doesn’t fit? What if they already have one?  We may consider a poorly chosen gift a declaration that the gifter doesn’t understand us or our actual wants.

It has therefore become en vogue to give a gift card, and to just allow the recipient choose what they want. But think about it: If you give a gift card to a store, you are putting the work on them to figure out how to spend the money on something they’d like. And an Amazon gift card is basically just saying that you want to give them cash they can spend on whatever they normally purchase on Amazon. So you are putting a value on the relationship. 


A 10/10 gift card is different. You are gifting a series of experiences. As a patient and customer of 10/10 Optics, you know the process of picking a pair of glasses here. You’ll be comfortably seated. You are helped by an experienced optician. You are shown options that fit your color story and your face. You’ll walk out with a smile on your face, without the stress of deciding from a million imperfect options.

NYC 10/10 Optics gift card

That’s what you give to someone when you give a 10/10 Optics gift card. You are giving them an experience without stress. You are gifting them the many many compliments they will receive while wearing their new eyewear.

The best part of giving them a gift card to 10/10 Optics is that every time you see them wearing the glasses at a party, on Instagram or Facebook, you get to comment “great glasses! ?” (at least until it gets old). But you get to see them enjoying your gift. And that is a testament to your fabulous taste. Because at the end of the day, don’t listen to anyone else, giving a gift is all about you.