Why are your glasses so expensive?

Every time you make a purchase at 10/10 Optics, we send you a survey asking you what you thought about your experience. Occasionally, a patient review reads as “I loved the incredible service and the fabulous selection, but your glasses are really expensive.”

We hear you. 

There are multiple costs that go into every pair of eyewear, before they ever comes through our front door. The three main costs associated with the creation of a new pair are materials, design and labor.  Unlike many companies which outsource their manufacturing to massive automated facilities in China, the majority of our collections are designed, manufactured and assembled by eyewear artisans in countries all over the world. 

  1. On every collection page, we list what materials that designer is known for using. Naturally if a pair is made from a sustainable wood, leather, stone, granite or ethically sourced buffalo horn, the cost will be higher.
  2. Our curated collections are driven by artisanal designs, which are neither mass created nor mass produced.
  3. A number of our collections are largely handmade or assembled. The attention to the detail and perfection results in higher labor and material costs.

We pride ourselves in developing relationships with talented designers who take risks, with unique shapes, colors or material combinations. The resulting eyewear is as unique as you.



If our luxury collections are a bit too much for you at the moment, come in and ask to try on a few frames from our fabulous mid-priced collections.