What does an image consultant do?

We all need a little bit of outside assistance every once in a while. The image consultants to whom we refer to our patients and friends are all certified professionals who work with you and your individual lifestyle needs.

Some of the questions that they can help you in are:

  • "What colors look best on me?".
  • "What shape clothing flatters my figure?".
  • "How do I hide this and accentuate that?".
  • "I just got a new job and I have no idea what to wear!".
  • "My wardrobe is out of date!".
  • "My lifestyle takes me all over the place, how can I simplify my wardrobe and still get everything I need?".
  • "I can never find the right people for the right services! Who should I go to for shoes? lingerie? suits? hats? bathing suits? evening wear? custom clothing?" 

These professional consultants have all the resources that you'll need at their fingertips, and will guide you along the way to your renewed fashion update.