How do I clean eyeglasses?

I always tell a little story to make it very clear when asked this question:  

If you took a shower and put soap all over your body and used a washcloth BUT never turn on the water, what would your skin look like after awhile?

You need the water!

– Ruth H. Domber

3 basic steps for properly cleaning your eyewear:

1. Wet the lens with water and wipe dry with a KLEENEX.  This removes the surface debris from the lenses.

2. Wet the lens with your eyewear spray (we give this liquid spray to all of our patients) and wipe them dry with KLEENEX. This removes the oils and stuck on fingerprints, etc.... from the lenses.

3. Once dry, then buff the lenses with your 10/10 Optics microfiber cloth.  You may use the cloth on a lens that has not gone through step 1 or 2, as long as you do clean them periodically using the water and the spray.