How To Store your Glasses Safely

We’re obviously big fans of glasses. They help you see, they’re a stunning fashion accessory, and they come with easier maintenance than contacts. We love wearing them, but there are times and situations where you need to take them off. But they are an important part of your look and you’ll want to protect them by storing them safely. Here are a few ways to protect your glasses when they aren't on your beautiful face.

Get a Case - Being Creative is Fun- But Not Always Safe

The internet is chock full of interesting DIY ways to store your glasses, from a coat-hanger-turned-glasses-rack to a bicycle wheel to hang your glasses on. While we fully support tapping into your more creative side, sometimes creativity and practicality aren’t always linked. Hanging your glasses seems like a fun idea until they fall, or the strain damages the hinge. 

We recommend getting yourself a good sturdy case is to keep your glasses safe. There are lots of options in colors and material from soft pouch-like cases to flip-top, hard-shelled cases. Generally speaking, flip-top hard cases are better than soft ones, that don’t close. Glasses can slip out of those more easily and soft cases offer less “crush” protection than hard ones. But a soft case is better than none. For people who have a glasses wardrobe, Eye Bobs has cases that carry multiple pairs, which is especially useful for travel. 

If you need a case, you can always stop by our boutique for a complimentary 10/10 eyeglass case, either hard or soft. Because a proper case is always the best place for your glasses when you’re not wearing them. Agreed? Great. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, here are a few other tricks and tips: 

Paint Your Case

Well, sort of. Imagine this, you wake up in the morning and need your glasses. You reach for them in the darkened room but accidentally knock them off your bedside table. Somehow, they end up under your bed (right in the middle part, in the hardest spot to reach) and you’ve spent 20 minutes searching for your glasses. Not the best way to start the day. 

Luckily, there’s a pretty easy fix for this. If you put a little strip of glow-in-the-dark paint or tape on your case, it will be easy to spot in the dark, which means no more frustrating searches in a half-awake stupor.

Temperature Matters!

Part of looking out for your glasses is making sure that they don’t get exposed to extremes temperatures could damage them, and while a case can be a fix for some of these things, being mindful of where you’re storing eyewear can help you keep your favorite frames for as long as possible

Don’t Leave Them in Hot Cars

It’s a hot Saturday in July, and you’re running errands. You park your car and run into the grocery store, thinking, “I’ll be quick, ten minutes. Twenty max.”. It takes forty. When you get into your car, it’s brutally hot. Then you notice, the glasses you left in the car look noticeably misshapen. Uh oh. 

According to the Center For Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), on an 80 degree day, in direct sunlight, the interior of a car can climb to over 130 degrees. Glasses can start suffering heat damage well before that. 

Extreme heat damages glasses in a few ways: frames can be warped, which loosens lenses and damages the earpieces. The lenses can also warp, reducing their efficacy. Either of these cases of structural damage can render your glasses essentially useless, requiring a new pair of glasses, and a short period of mourning for the beloved pair you lost. So, if it’s hot (or even warm) outside don’t leave your glasses stored in the car!

Cold Weather Can Hurt Too

On the flip side, cold weather can also damage glasses, particularly when temperatures fall below freezing. In this case the car is the most likely location for glasses to suffer. For example, if you frequently store a pair of glasses in your car, but one night you forget to bring them inside. 

When you return to your car in the morning, you might find that those glasses have tiny cracks in the lenses. This can be caused by the contraction that occurs in the frame when temperatures get colder, which can also affect the way that your glasses fit. Make sure you store your glasses in their case, especially in the cold weather, (think of it like a sweater for your frames!) and don’t leave them in super cold places for too long. 

Glasses are an investment and the right pair is a perfect complement to your look. So why risk their safety? When you get your eyeglasses pick up cleanser and a case. Get a few. Keep one at home, at work and one in your care or purse to make sure your glasses have a safe home wherever you go.