Gorgeous Glasses Frames From Around the World 

America has more than its share of iconic, glasses styles and designers. From Ray Ban to Oakley to Tom Ford, there’s no shortage of famous frames that have been recognized for their blend of style and quality. Still, if you wear glasses, and love fashion, there are looks from around the world that are exciting and edgy.  Let’s do a little (virtual) globe trotting to look at some of our favorite international glasses brands. 

German Glasses Frames Brands 

German glasses are highly diverse, ranging from a carefully crafted, classic look, to something with a little more pop. The one thing they have in common? Distinct Style:


Deloor glasses are one of a kind and handmade in Germany. The first thing that comes to mind when you see a pair of DeLoor glasses? They pop. Colorful and classy, DeLoor glasses are truly the kind of frames that make you stand out in a crowd (in a good way). No two pairs are the same--each pair is designed to have different markings and cut. DeLoor frames are the kind that you really want to explore the full collection- not every pair is a color or shape match- but once you find the right pair, you’ll be hard-pressed to find something that accentuates your best features better--or more boldly.  For Deloor glasses in NYC, 10/10 Optics is the place to go!


Herrlicht brand frames are renowned for their meticulously handcrafted wood designs. Based out of Berlin and designed by Andreas Licht  (whose last name means “light” in German) these frames feature a light and comfortable feel that retains strength and durability. With a tri-blended wood build consisting of Pecan, Walnut, and Oak, and a range of colors, Herrlicht frames have a distinctive and unique style while still maintaining an air of professionalism.  

Japanese Glasses Frames Brands 

Japanese glasses brands cover a broad range. Some brands merge classic style with modern innovation, some brands feature a more artistic flair, while some brands aim to break convention altogether.


Upscale, classic and yet distinctive, Masunaga has been producing frames in Japan since 1905; they’ve got the history and experience to produce quality frames that other brands can’t touch. With a titanium base layered in an acetate coat, these frames stand the test of time because of their blend of both durability and sophistication. 


With a style as unique as their name, Say-Oh fuses classic frame shapes with an artistic pattern flair. This mix makes for a frame that is both serious and playful, toeing the cutting edge of fashion. It’s the kind of frame that looks classic from a distance, but modern up close, in a way that will make you- well- say, “Oh!”. 


Of the Japanese frame brands we’re covering today, Rigards is certainly the edgiest. Joyfully breaking the conventions of glasses frames, Rigards frames have a cool-factor to them that’s got a show-don’t-tell vibe; seeing someone in a pair might make you feel like you’ve jumped 10 (or 100) years into the future. Creativity sometimes requires bold risks, and these frames fit that description to a T. 

French Glasses Frames Brands 

No country has quite the reputation for fashion and taste that France does, and the unique twist prestigious french frame brands put on their glasses more than lives up to that reputation.

Thierry Lasry 

Self-described as “futuristic vintage”, Thierry Lasry frames are just that; they have a shape that cultivates a sense of nostalgia, but a nostalgia that is slightly blurred. They’re almost a classic look, but there’s something slightly different, slightly tweaked, that gives them a style entirely their own. The flecks of color on the frames that the brand is known for adds to the sense that these are just different, and uniquely, well, French. These frames are the epitome of futuristic vintage style.  


From Paris, France, one of the most iconically stylish places on earth, Lucas de Staël frames are always in fashion. These glasses are carefully handcrafted frames made with a unique blend of leather, horn, wood, stainless steel, and titanium, Lucas de Staël is the perfect frame for the artistically inclined. With shapes that range from classic to slightly more abstract, these glasses are most distinct for the textures and craftsmanship that go into every frame. Each pair tells an entirely unique story, it’s just a matter of discovering which story best matches yours. 

Anne et Valentin

For another designer that is gloriously French, with stores in Paris, Lyon and Toulouse (with stores in the US too) Anne et Valentin is always a chic choice. All of these frames are loaded with personality and class. These designs are inspired by a variety of artistic pursuits, from art to architecture and feature a range of styles from quirky and fun to seriously structural. 

If you’re looking to spice up your collection, these brands are just a handful of the international options that 10/10 Optics has to offer. We have the kind of brand variety you can’t find anywhere else, from niche designs to famous brands. If variety is the spice of life, consider us the spice cabinet! Want to learn more about eyewear fashion? Check out our guide to NYC hipster glasses